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ChurchSafety has been set up to improve the understanding of Health and Safety in Places of Worship.

How ChurchSafety Started

In 1997, Mr Lyn Jones started to look into Health and Safety in his own Place of Worship in South Wales. He noticed that there was little information on the topic that was written specifically for Places of Worship. This left a gap in the awareness of Health and Safety in Places of Worship compared to business, where there was a ready resource of information.

Lyn decided that an organisation needed to be formed to help bridge the gap and to enhance how people perceived Health and Safety issues in Churches and other Places of Worship.  From then until now, Lyn has gained practical knowledge about the field and he is the current Chairman of ChurchSafety.

ChurchSafety was formed as an organisation in the summer of 2004.  Constitutionally, we are purely not-for-profit and rely on volunteers and donations to keep the Website active and up-to-date.

For the future...

In the future, it is hoped that ChurchSafety will grow into a registered charity that can provide direct help to Places of Worship, including financial support.

About this Website

By using this Website, you agree to the following terms:

1. Copyright 2000-2016

Unless otherwise stated, this site and its contents may be freely copied and distributed providing that ChurchSafety is acknowledged as the source. Copied information must remain in its original form and ChurchSafety must be acknowledged.  This statement does not include the Member Area, where copy restrictions apply (please see the Membership Rules, Terms and Conditions).

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None of the information on this site may be used for commercial purposes, including for endorsement and advertising without the express written permission of ChurchSafety.

2. Disclaimer

The information on this Website is based the current practice that is used by many Churches and Places of Worship to comply with safety legislation, reduce the risk of injury and limit liability.  However, we cannot cover all circumstances, so kindly note the following:

  • The information is provided for general information only and is not a statement of the law.  Legal and or competent safety advice should be sought if further information is required.
  • Some suggested control measures might go further than might be required in some situations, while other aspects might not be covered owing to the restrictions on Website space.
  • The application of the information varies from premises to premises and congregation to congregation.  This must be reflected in the Risk Assessments undertaken for each situation.
  • There are some differences between regulations in different regions of the United Kingdom (with English legislation and Approved Codes of Practice being referenced on this Website where appropriate).
  • Additional guidance or information might need to be obtained from a denominational (or diocesan) office and insurance organisations where applicable to ensure conformance with any requirements.
  • Following the information on this Website is not a substitute for performing a Risk Assessment and ensuring that the necessary precautions are put into place and due diligence is exercised.

ChurchSafety cannot accept any liability for the way in which the information on this Website is used and for the accuracy of the contents relating to a specific situation.  No liability can be accepted for any injury, legal action, economic loss, loss of reputation or other direct, indirect or consequential losses that result from the use of this Website and its contents. 

If there is any doubt, always consult with a competent Health and Safety Practitioner.

3. Data Protection

We may keep any correspondence that we have with you for our own records and we will not share this with any third party. 

If you are a ChurchSafety Member, the information you provide will  be used for the purpose of maintaining membership records. If you choose to use any member services, your information might also need to be shared with a third party only for the purposes of providing this service.

If you use the member forum, you are reminded that the forum is not secure, and you should not post any personal information that you would not want others to see. This includes your telephone number and address.

We will normally use electronic communication methods (email) and this means we need to hold accurate email addresses from members and other people who get in touch.  Please make sure that any email addresses you provide are correctly written or typed and that any bulk mail filters are turned off or allow emails from the '' domain.  We cannot accept any responsibility for emails that are not delivered to your inbox if these two conditions are not met.

4. Internet Security, Cookies and JavaScript

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